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Your Digital Business Card Made to Exchange Contact Details with a Simple Tap. Make a great first impression. “Phone-Tapify” to share your contact details and exchange contacts with any one you interact with.

  1. NFC Card Reader For Newer Phones
  2. QR Code Scan for older Phones
  3. Works on both Android & iPhone
  4. No App is Required to use PhoneTapify Business Card

How to Start Using the Card

Follow the 4-step Instructions to create your free profile. Note: The App gives you the full premium features for 14 days to configure your account, and it does not require upgrading to a premium account to use your card. You can choose to upgrade to the premium feature if you want access to the premium features.

How to replace multiple NFC card with one NFC card

Personal Digital Networking Card


Without the Complicated Process

How does PhoneTapify work?

  1. Client/Customer Tap’s Your Google Review NFC Card
  2. Customers get Served Your Google Review link
  3. Client/Customer click link on their phone, review form opens
  4. Client/Customer leaves a Google review

How To Get Your Review Linked Programmed.

  1. Submit your review link to info@phonetapify.com
  2. How to get your Google review link, click here to see step-by-step instructions:
How to use PhoneTapify’s NFC Google reviews card #nfc #googlereviews


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