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Kit Open House

With our special offer, take advantage of the best real estate advantage ever! If you buy today, you’ll get a free kit worth $185 that includes all the tools you need to improve your open house presentations. Plus, as part of your membership, get full access to our cutting-edge Interactive CRM System, which is priced at $199 per month. Don’t pass up this fantastic chance to improve your company’s standing and simplify your lead management procedure. Take action right away to seal the deal!”

KIT Includes:

X-Banner – 1 Unit

Table Stand – 1 Unit

Card – 1 Unit

Door Hanger – 1 Unit




Over 1,000 subscriptions sold!

Unlock the Future of Open House Success

The Ultimate Tool for Effortless Lead Generation and Seamless Buyer Engagement

Single Tap

The days of stumbling through paperwork and pamphlets at open houses are long gone. Visitors can view the entire listing with only one tap of a phone when using PhoneTapify's Open House Kit. Agents receive crucial information into visitor preferences and interests in addition to improving the visitor experience through this expedited approach.

Generate Leads

Every inquiry posed by a visitor presents a chance to create a lead. Through the app, The Open House visitors may ask questions directly, easily converting inquiries into possible leads. By seamlessly integrating communication channels, the agent's chances of closing agreements are increased because no lead is overlooked.

Promote The Listing

In the current digital era, drawing in potential customers requires efficient marketing. Agents may now advertise their listings more effectively than ever thanks to our Open House Kit. Agents can display more information, photos, and videos by using dynamic links linked in the profile page. This will draw in potential buyers and raise the likelihood of a successful sale.

Collect Feedback

Getting feedback is crucial to ongoing development. Agents may easily gather visitor feedback with Open House, enabling them to assess the success of their marketing campaigns and make any adjustments. In addition to improving the agent's effectiveness, this priceless information also increases client loyalty and overall happiness.

Adapt New Technology

In every industry, innovation is the key to success. Open House uses cutting-edge technologies like NFC and QR codes to stay ahead of the curve. Agents may differentiate themselves from the competition and make a lasting impression by using these state-of-the-art solutions to provide visitors a more engaging and immersive experience.

Easy Integration With CRM

Effective lead management is based on efficiency. The seamless integration of Open House Kit with CRM systems facilitates the straightforward collection and organization of leads generated by agents during open house events. This streamlined procedure guarantees optimum return on investment for each event while saving time and removing the possibility of leads slipping through the cracks.


It features a powerful AI Assistant capable of responding to inquiries with the same expertise as you

  1. Answers all the questions about the listing
  2. Can book an appointment for you

Transform Client Experiences

Go Beyond Traditional with NFC & AI

Open House transforms client encounters by utilizing NFC and AI to go beyond conventional open house procedures. Through the integration of these technologies, agents may offer visitors tailored and engaging experiences that strengthen relationships and increase conversion rates.

In summary, Open House is a game-changer for real estate agents who want to remain ahead of the competition and succeed in their industry like never before. It’s more than simply a tool. Open House has the key to unlocking the future of success for open houses with its cutting-edge features, smooth integration, and emphasis on improving client experiences.




Over 1000 subscriptions sold!

Real estate brokers have unmatched positioning opportunities with Open House to make every interaction matter. Every placement—whether it’s through arresting banners, well-placed table stands, attention-grabbing cards, or welcoming door hangers—becomes an opportunity to draw in customers and generate leads. Agents may easily include digital experiences by utilizing these physical touchpoints, which let visitors to interact with listings and take action with a single tap of their phone. Every placement is now a valuable chance for success because to the seamless integration of offline and online channels, which also increases lead generation potential and improves the whole open house experience.

With unmatched convenience and flexibility, users may design and manage their Open House Listing page with the help of the Open House App. Users can present their listings in the best possible light by combining dynamic forms, links, and a variety of other interactive components with a dynamic profile page. Users have complete discretion over tailoring their profile page to suit their individual requirements and tastes, whether that means emphasizing important aspects, including virtual tours, or offering extra resources. Every listing will stand out from the crowd thanks to this dynamic approach, grabbing potential buyers’ attention and increasing engagement to new levels.

The easy-to-use lead forms offered by Open House Kit make lead generation a breeze. Agents may easily gather important information from visitors to their listings by including lead capture forms. This will allow agents to easily nurture leads and schedule appointments. These straightforward lead forms ensure a smooth experience for both agents and visitors by streamlining the lead generation process and removing needless friction. By customizing form fields and automating follow-up actions, agents may optimize lead capture efforts and increase return on investment from each open house.

Users can add links to their social network profiles using Open House’s dynamic links function, which offers seamless platform interaction. Moreover, users have the option to include 360-degree views of their listings, which enables prospective purchasers to thoroughly inspect properties. Users can increase their online visibility, increase traffic to their listings, and interact with prospects on the channels of their choice by utilizing dynamic links. By enabling more seamless interactions and increasing levels of engagement and conversion, the integration of digital assets improves the user experience overall.

Users can use an interactive CRM solution meant to simplify lead nurturing efforts by subscribing to Open House. With the use of interesting follow-up sequences in the CRM, agents may stay in front of prospects’ minds by sending them updates and helpful information that is catered to their interests and preferences. Through customized correspondence and prompt follow-ups, agents can develop trust, fortify connections, and eventually raise the probability of conversion by nurturing leads. By using an integrated approach to lead nurturing, agents are able to maximize the potential of each lead and promote long-term business growth, ensuring that no opportunity is overlooked.

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“PhoneTapify has truly revolutionized the way I conduct open house events. With just a tap of their phone, visitors can access complete listings, make offers, and even ask questions, generating valuable leads effortlessly. The dynamic profile pages and seamless integration with social media have taken my marketing efforts to new heights. Plus, the interactive CRM system has transformed the way I nurture leads, ensuring no opportunity goes unnoticed. PhoneTapify is a game-changer for any real estate agent looking to stay ahead of the competition.”

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Dear Team and Esteemed Clients,

At PhoneTapify, we’re committed to revolutionizing the real estate industry by addressing the core challenges of open houses with our innovative technology. Our vision is to transform the way realtors engage with clients, making every open house more secure, efficient, and memorable. Together, we’re setting new standards for excellence and driving forward into a future where technology enhances every aspect of real estate marketing.

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