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Essential Real Estate Agent Indoor Open House Placement Kit. 

Replace Paper Sign-Up Sheets With Modern NFC Tap Conversational AI To Capture Buyers & Seller Leads

Elevate Your Open House Experience. Answer Questions, Request Offers, Eliminate Paper, Embrace AI and automation

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Table Stand


Door Hanger




Pants & Neck Lanyard Card


Pants & Neck Lanyard Card

Why PhoneTapify's Open House Kit?

Effortlessly Convert 90% of Open House Interactions into Opportunities With Ai Assistant. Offer Buyers and Sellers a Reason to Share Their Contact Information at Your Open House Without The Hard Sell and Complicated Process. Trusted by Top Producing Agent


PhoneTapify Open House Display Kit

Old Paper Sign-In Sheet

Guest Sign-In Process

NFC technology enables quick sign-in by tapping digital card

Manual entry on paper sheet, time-consuming process

Lead Capture

Captures leads digitally with detailed information

Limited information captured, prone to errors

Guest Interaction

Conversational AI enables guests to ask questions and receive instant responses

No interactive element, guests rely on agent availability

Data Management

Data stored securely in the cloud, accessible anytime

Paper sheets susceptible to loss or damage, manual data entry required

Follow-Up Efficiency

Automated follow-up emails immediately  to guests based on their interactions

Manual follow-up required, prone to oversight and slow follow up rate.


Projects a modern, tech-savvy image to guests

May appear outdated, less efficient

Environmental Impact

Environmentally friendly, reduces paper waste

Relies on paper, contributes to environmental footprint

Analytics and Insights

Provides analytics on guest engagement and preferences

Limited insights available from paper records

Cost Efficiency

Convert more buyers and sellers with higher engagement  

Cost of opportunity missed is higher when information is not eligible and less information is collected

Customization Options

Flexible customization options for branding and digital profile

Limited customization on paper sheets

Ease of Use

User-friendly interface for both agents and guests

Relatively simple but lacks technological sophistication

Integration with CRM/Marketing Platforms

Seamless integration with CRM and marketing tools for lead nurturing

Manual integration required, less efficient

Real Estate Open House Digital form

Welcome all visitors and guide them to take the next step of making an offer or asking you questions.

Allow the conversation Ai to qualify the leads and covert the lead to an opportunity without you having to lift a finger

Get more visitors sharing your listing with family and friends with just one click of a button

Giveaways are one way to easily exchange contact information of visitors and qualify them without coming across as aggressive

Provide instant answers to pressing questions buyers are looking for.

Buyers can easily save your contact and also submit their contact information by booking time with you.

Auto-submit all your leads into your Preferred CRM with our Zapier integration.

Strategic Placement to Capitalize on Every Opportunity At Your Open House

Perfectly Placed to Remind To Engage Foot Traffic

An average Agent Misses 65% Opportunities on a Hectic Open house

Most Open House are Hosted by One Agent
Increase Conversion 93%
Missed Opportunity Taking Away By An Engaged Visitor
Conversion 82%
Emergency Like Bathroom Breaks or Confidential Calls
Conversion 78%
Convert 85% More than Paid Ads ​Leads
Conversion 85%

Order Kit While Supplies Last


Annual Save 20% - $854.40
  • 1 Agent
  • 1 Live Open House Digital Profile
  • Unlimited NFC Tap & QR Code Scan
  • Share Contact Details/Vcard
  • Branded Open House Digital Profile
  • Collect Offers
  • Collect Feedback
  • Giveaway Entries
  • Ask Question with Converseral Ai
  • Zapier
  • Open House Kit - Monthly
    200 Ai Tokens
    3 Live Active Listings
    NFC Signage Sold Separately
    $89 / month
  • Open House Kit - Annual
    500 Ai Tokens
    5 Live Active Listings
    Included (1 Table Stand, 1 Door Hanger, 1Card & 1 Banner)
    $1068 / Annual
  • Teams/Brokerage
    Let's Talk

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