NFC & QR Code Open House Card for Real Estate Agents



With our NFC & QR Code Based Card, designed especially for astute agents holding open house events, you can up your real estate marketing game. This cutting-edge card, which seamlessly combines NFC and QR code technology, is designed to captivate and entice potential buyers, completely changing the way you present your listings.

Prospective buyers can effortlessly access contact details, virtual tours, and property details by just tapping or scanning their phone with our NFC & QR Code Based Card. Bid farewell to conventional paper flyers and welcome to a more engaging and lasting experience for your customers.

With our NFC & QR Code Based Card, you may stand out from the crowd and make a lasting impact. Our card guarantees that you’re always one step ahead in providing outstanding service and presenting your listings in the best possible light, whether you’re holding an open house or meeting with customers. With our NFC & QR Code Based Card, you may upgrade your marketing approach and grow your real estate company to new heights.

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