NFC & QR Code Based Open House Kit For Real Estate Agents – Custom Options


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Door Hangers

Presenting our door hanger with NFC and QR codes, designed especially for real estate brokers holding open houses. Bid farewell to antiquated advertising techniques and welcome to a cutting-edge, engaging strategy that makes you stand out from the crowd. With just a tap or phone scan, prospective buyers can obtain property details thanks to our creative door hanger’s seamless integration of NFC and QR code technology.

By giving visitors fast access to the property’s details, virtual tours, and contact details at the door, you can improve the open house experience. Our door hanger that is based on NFC and QR codes allows you to make a lasting impression on guests and collect leads with ease. Bid farewell to lost chances and hello to a more effective and captivating method of presenting your listings.

With our NFC & QR Code Based Door Hanger, you can invest in the real estate marketing of the future and take your open house events to new heights.

Table Stand:

With our NFC & QR Code Open House Table Stand, made just for real estate brokers, you can take your open house presentations to new heights. Incorporate digital technology into your marketing strategy in a seamless way and use interactive experiences to draw in potential customers. Our stylish and robust table stand makes it simple for guests to interact with just a tap or scan of their phone by giving them access to vital information and property listings. Whether displaying contact details, virtual tours, or property details, our table stand guarantees each visitor an engaging and unforgettable experience. With our cutting-edge NFC & QR Code Table Stand, the most effective instrument for real estate success, you can stay ahead of the competition and dazzle clients.


Presenting our state-of-the-art NFC Smart Tap Banner for Open House in the Real Estate Industry—a potent instrument meant to improve your property presentation experience!

Pre-programmed and Ready to Use: Bid adieu to convoluted configurations and welcome to ease of use. Pre-programmed and ready to use, our NFC Smart Tap Banner guarantees a hassle-free experience for you and your prospective customers.

Free Shipping: We think that convenience should be delivered right to your door. We know that the best things in life shouldn’t come with additional costs, so take advantage of this added benefit of free shipping.

Sturdy and Made of High-Quality PVC Graphite: Expertly crafted, our banner exudes quality and longevity thanks to its PVC graphite composition. This guarantees that your investment will stand the test of time and will continue to look beautiful even after numerous open houses.

Use the ideal proportions to make a big impression! The banner is 60 by 160 cm in size, and the X-Stand that goes with it looks great. Together, they make sure that your house stands out, draws attention, and makes an impression on prospective buyers.

With our NFC Smart Tap Banner, you can enhance the open house experience and unlock the full potential of your property. It’s more than just a banner. Place your order right away to see how your real estate exhibition becomes a technologically advanced, interactive event!


With our NFC & QR Code Based Card, designed especially for astute agents holding open house events, you can up your real estate marketing game. This cutting-edge card, which seamlessly combines NFC and QR code technology, is designed to captivate and entice potential buyers, completely changing the way you present your listings.

Prospective buyers can effortlessly access contact details, virtual tours, and property details by just tapping or scanning their phone with our NFC & QR Code Based Card. Bid farewell to conventional paper flyers and welcome to a more engaging and lasting experience for your customers.

With our NFC & QR Code Based Card, you may stand out from the crowd and make a lasting impact. Our card guarantees that you’re always one step ahead in providing outstanding service and presenting your listings in the best possible light, whether you’re holding an open house or meeting with customers. With our NFC & QR Code Based Card, you may upgrade your marketing approach and grow your real estate company to new heights.

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