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How To Update Your NFC Tag To Use PhoneTapify’s Pro Account

Apple Phone – (iOS): #

Step 1 #

Go to the App Store & Search for NFC Tools to download

Step 2 #

Launch the NFC Tool App. Click on write and select URL/URI to add a URL record.


Step 3 #

Log into your PhoneTapify account (Link) to copy your NFC Digital URL. When logged in, click on the share icon under the profile. 

Step 4 #

Click the “copy link” button to copy the link. Navigate back to the NFC Tools app and past the link in the URL

Step 5 #

Remove the “https//” from the URL. Click on Write


Step 6 #

Approach the NFC Tag to the phone until you see the check mark confirming the write is complete. Test the NFC Tag by tapping on the phone to get the NFC popup notification action.


Android Phone #

Download App Follow the same 6 steps as the iOS


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